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Table tray sealing machines - traysealers for professionals

Specially developed for everyday use

Our tray sealing machines are specifically developed for daily use in gastronomy, large kitchens, catering operations, in counter sales and, depending on requirements, in any application in the food sector.

Robust with high quality components

The sturdy frame made of stainless steel and the solid workmanship of high-quality components enable fast, powerful and flawless work even under difficult conditions.

Tightly sealed for optimal leakage protection

In the take-away and delivery business in particular, it is an absolute must that the trays are tightly sealed so that the dishes cannot leak.

Thanks to the ergonomically adapted controls
the production of sealed trays becomes very easy.

Greatest possible flexibility in use

Our table sealing machines give you the highest flexibility thanks to the possibility of using different tray sizes and shapes with the same machine.

Compliance with all hygiene standards.

Due to the high prescribed hygiene standards, the machines are easy to clean and therefore ideally suited for work in areas prone to dirt.

Easy and quick work

The simple and optimal design of our table sealing machines allows even inexperienced employees to quickly familiarize themselves with how to work efficiently and seal the desired menus.


And that's how easy it is!!!



Our professional table tray - sealers at a glance

Traysealer S

The little all-rounder

Traysealer B

The large all-rounder

Traysealer TF

The universal all-rounder

professional table tray - sealers with gas flashing

Traysealer SG

The little all-rounder with gas flushing

Traysealer BG

The large all-rounder with gas flushing



An overview of our professional sealing frames

Sealing frames S

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers S + SG

Sealing frames TF

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers TF

Sealing frames B

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers B + BG



Rent a table tray sealer

Are you looking for a rental solution?

You can also rent our table tray sealing machines including the appropriate sealing frame for you.

Low costs - high benefits

  1. No investment costs
  2. All in service
  3. No repair costs
  4. Extremely low rental prices
  5. Express pickup / bring service on request

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