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Trays and sealing frames for traysealer machines

Tightly sealed for optimal leakage protection

In order to seal your trays reliably and securely, the appropriate sealing frame must be used.

Robust and easy to change

Our sealing frames are made of hygienic aluminum and are extremely robust. Due to the simple construction, changing and handling the sealing frame is easy going.

This must be taken into account when making the selection

Each bowl has different dimensions and, depending on your needs, different subdivisions.

It is particularly important to ensure that the tray fits correctly on the sealing contour of the sealing frame and that the sealing rubber can press the tray evenly and without gaps against the sealing plate.

Important dimensions for matching the trays to the sealing frame

You will find important information here to ensure that the trays are optimally matched to the appropriate sealing frame.

External dimensions (L, W, H and R)

The outer dimensions of the bowls are always given in length x width x height. The radius dimension of the bowl is also important for the sealing frame.

The seal contour

The sealing contour of the bowl is the area in which the bowl rests on the sealing rubber. These two components must always match each other correctly, otherwise the shells could be sealed improperly.

Subdivision of the bowls

The corresponding dimensions of the subdivision
of a tray are also very important and must match to the respective sealing frame.

The sealing rubber

Thanks to our specially developed rubber seals, which are unique in terms of softness, non-stick properties and snap-in behavior, the tray is pressed homogeneously and with constant pressure onto the sealing plate, enabling a secure seal.

It is important that the sealing rubber fits exactly under the seal contour of the bowls.

Necessary dimensions for the subdivision of the trays and sealing frames

If our selection does not include the right sealing frame for you,
we are happy to produce a specially adapted sealing frame for your tray requirements.

When selecting the frame, please always ensure that the dimensions of the seal contour are approximately in the middle of the seal edge of the bowls.


An overview of our professional sealing frames

Sealing frames S

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers S + SG

Sealing frames TF

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers TF

Sealing frames B

Sealing frames
for our tray sealers B + BG



Our professional table tray - sealers at a glance

Traysealer S

The little all-rounder to seal

Traysealer B

The large all-rounder to seal

Traysealer TF

The universal all-rounder

Traysealer SG

The little all-rounder with gas flushing

Traysealer BG

The large all-rounder with gas flushing


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